Woolrich Inc. and Woolrich Europe Announce Merger Aimed to Accelerate the Brand’s Global Growth

The newly-formed entity, Woolrich International, combines 186 years of American heritage and value for the outdoors with contemporary European design and ingenuity.


Woolrich Inc., America’s oldest outdoor clothing company and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of outdoor lifestyle apparel, and Woolrich Europe, licensee of the trademark for Europe and Asia, owned by W.P. Lavori in Corso, announced the completion of an agreement to merge into Woolrich International, a new holding company responsible for leading and accelerating the future growth and development of the Woolrich brand, both in the North American market and worldwide.


Founded in 1830 by John Rich with the establishment of the original Woolrich Woolen Mill, still operative in Pennsylvania, Woolrich Inc. is the epitome of the history of the U.S. outdoor apparel industry. What started during the Civil War as a response to the need for appropriate clothing and blankets has evolved into an original American clothing company that weaves its tradition and craft into purpose-inspired, functional, protective and durable products.


W.P. Lavori in Corso has been a partner of Woolrich since 1984, initially involved in its distribution, then, in 1998, evolving the collaboration into an official license to design, produce and distribute Woolrich products, starting in Italy, then expanding into Europe and Asia. Thanks to the launch of the Woolrich John Rich & Bros. collection and its original icon Arctic Parka, Woolrich has become a leading brand in the contemporary outerwear market, present today in 45 countries with a network of 25 stores.


The industrial merger of Woolrich Inc. and Woolrich Europe establishes a new industry leader, leveraging Woolrich Inc.’s recognized leadership as a pioneer in textile manufacturing and outdoor specialist in the North American market, and Woolrich Europe’s well-known premium branding, marketing, design, creativity and international distribution capabilities.