For the Spring Summer 2018 season, Baracuta joined together with the Italian artist and photographer Jacopo Benassi @jacopobenassi1970 to create a new set of images.

Benassi is an artist, born in 1966 and based in La Spezia, Italy but can be found all over the world taking pictures. He is a portrait artist, specializing in black and white pictures with a unique ability to capture the real soul of an individual in a single shot.

His picture are full of movement and spirit, direct, raw, and sometimes a bit melancholy.

These images represent Baracuta people – individuals with strong personalities that cross all social, cultural and economic barriers. These are our brand ambassadors, artists and musicians, living and working in London with their own unique style and a passion for Baracuta.

The collaboration with Jacopo Benassi will continue for the next season – with new brand ambassadors and a new city.