Barena- from the Venetian word Baro, in turn derived from the Celtic word Barre- indicates the Venetian lagoon area which lies between solid ground and the lagoon, which is rich with fjord and small islands. Barena is inspired by a passion for rediscovering Venetian traditions, and is informed by research conducted within the Venetian estuary, which revealed charming ways of life and customs. The Barena collections are in fact inspired by the clothing of the inhabitants of these places. Many of the items in the collection are interpretations of one-of-a-kind pieces found in museums, antique markets or in books which portray images of the time. The Barena collection is not only characterised by traditions, but also by the use and interpretation of very high quality natural fabrics, from wools to linens. The choice of fabrics, all rigorously Italian, reveals a desire to safeguard the national textile heritage. Particular attention is paid to details and finishings which make each garment unique, yet simple. Thus a product is born which is entirely created and produced in the Venetian hinterland.