BEAMS was founded in 1976, from a small 19 square metre shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. In the following years it would attempt to “change the culture and customs of Japan’s youth”, as written in its mission statement at the time. Today BEAMS is made up of a network of carefully selected, Tokyo-based shops, which aim to offer substance over matter whilst adding value to the clothing industry. BEAMS now has 25 labels branching out into many fields beyond fashion, such as coffee, interior design, music, art and fashion design. BEAMS presents all of these contents at each store, in the form of carefully selected items. Created in 1999, BEAMS+ is one of the labels, founded on the basis to promote “the style of the American good old days”. It offers an authentic, timeless menswear collection, featuring items which combine a deep knowledge of American culture with a contemporary interpretation of Japanese design.